Thursday Spotlight: Decorating Detail I Am Dreaming About Right Now

Thursday Spotlight: Decorating Detail I Am Dreaming About Right Now

Yesterday I showcased something light and fun, simple vignettes I am being moved by right now, TODAY

Today I want to spotlight details.

Details from the world of Couture. Swoon. Oh, that I could wear dresses like this to work!

Can you imagine? Hauled off to some island I would be….;)

That said,

You know I love these dressmaker details

Elie Saab Spring 2013. I love this look. When I see gowns like this on the runway I am always thinking about how to take details and translate them into home

I love translating moments from couture into furnishings & fixtures…

I love these ice blue lamps. Contemporary take on a classic color. This is a translated detail for me when I look at the dress from the runway above. Image linked. Its the TRANSLUCENT.

What is a detail you find yourself going back to over and over?

The translucent from the Couture Gown above is one I repeat over and over in design

Lucite, glass, sheer fabric overlays…

I love this chair. Charles Hollis Jones circa 1970. Even in Traditional spaces I always try to work in something translucent. Image linked.

Caprea Sheer. Image linked.

Take a moment & look around your home

Now look in your closet.

Do you see anything that repeats itself? A detail?

Maybe it’s scale. Maybe it’s something like my fav above.

If not, is there a detail you swoon over? Is there something you wish you could use?

Spotlight. Bringing all those “gut” feelings we have about what we love in Design into focus.

Look for details today. And be blessed.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

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