Saturday Stuff: How to Achieve Beauty in Decorating

Saturday Stuff: How To Achieve Beauty in Decorating

Simple at it’s core…

I have always loved this quote…

If you’ve been with us a few days, you know what we are unfolding here on the blog:

I am sharing some of my Couture Chateau Decorating Principles


My Couture Chateau SYSTEMS that work in conjunction with my Decorating Principles

Today we are on Beauty.

There are actually three (3) colors of paint, not two! Even subtle differences MATTER in YOUR custom life!!

The Historical Chandler Building. When choosing the paint colors, I kept circling back to WHO the building really was…what would make her feel beautiful. Thank God the Owner “got it” or she would have been pale green…just like every other on the block…

Reflected from a home that is safe: physically, emotionally, spiritually

Your proverbial shire…

Reflected from a home that is in order: by type, by scope, by process

Wow. Not my personal preference, but maybe it could be someday…an incredible open air home via Forbes. Image linked.

Beauty that is FOCUSED & HONED by the parameters established above

Beauty that has walked through SAFETY and ORDER to Find Itself…

And is completely FREE because of it

I love this image and what it represents for my Clients. I know, we are not curing cancer here…but getting a home to a place of freedom matters. I know it in my bones…it just does…

NOW, seriously free

No apologies for style or taste or preference or cost

Mar-A-Lago, Donald Trump’s Palm Beach place…image linked.

No apologies for choosing something slightly outrageous

If this is what you love and thrive in, then DO. Image linked. This is from 2009 and I still swoon. Wendy Owen & John Lamos.

Just you. Reflected in your Safe, Ordered, Beautiful space…

Remembering that these chairs will find JUST the right home...

Find your beauty and embrace it. It might just become a classic….every classic started in the brain of an innovator…

tomorrow? Stewardship of just that beauty…

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

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