Wednesday Style Points: Couture Chateau Decorating Principle # 4

Wednesday Style Points: Couture Chateau Decorating Principle # 4

Couture Chateau Decorating Principle # 4: Decorating Needs To Be Authentically You To Inspire

I love kitsch

I also love couture

No problem here with the combo, it’s who I am

I think of them as Humor + Grace

Kitsch = Humor

Truth. Bill Cosby.

Couture = Grace

I love this in conjunction with the creation of couture. Couture gives the absolute best in detail, effort, layering, intention. All of our best effort still falls short of perfection, but the process = grace!

What could be more fun than the combination of the two?!

For me? Nothing!!

A Dining Room with an antique Dining Table & a Home Goods Soup Tureen?


A Kitchen with 3 Antique French Painted Farm Tables & a customized Ikea Cabinet?


The point is, in order for your decorated space to INSPIRE you – it has to be AUTHENTICALLY YOU

You have to be ok “being”

And you have to be ok being SEEN

Says it all…

Can you change the world & then stop dead in your tracks when it comes to risk in decorating?

Where does the AUTHENTIC you live?

A sneak peek of my kitchen sink

My main kitchen sink – you’ve seen it before. Look closely at how many materials are combined in a small space. This is new construction. What would you have said if I came to you with: Brick, Wood, Limestone, Copper, Aged Wood, English Tile & an old trestle table?…I can design fearlessly…I can walk along side as we find your fearless YOU…even if you are contemporary & clean lined…

It’s this strange place

Do you recognize this photo? This is in a Client's Entry hall and is made from Historically Significant Columns we had customized into a table. It greets guests as they enter the front door. I love the "energy" custom fragments bring to a space. They are not flat. They bring the past with them - in a good way.

Do you recognize this photo? This is in a Client’s Entry hall and is made from Historically Significant Columns we had customized into a table. The point is, let’s find out what INSPIRES you…

A lifetime spent crafting a shell for the outside world does not break down easily.

We walk through a manicured gated garden into a beautiful front door….and we are still afraid to be us??

We must be ok being SEEN

In my youth I didn’t understand why it was so difficult. I would decorate a home and people would flip out.

You can’t do that!

I can’t live like this!

Agghh! I love purple, but NO!

—-radio silence from me—-I have many faults—-RISK in design is not one of them—-

ANN:  “Ummm….Client J, this is who you ARE. You love this.”

CLIENT: “I know”

ANN: “Then why won’t you LIVE this?”

CLIENT: “I can’t – I just can’t….give me the Hermes – or Prada – or Whatever….”

ANN: “No”



CLIENT: “YES! Please yes…please!”

ANN: “No. Why did you hire ME? You KNEW…”

CLIENT: “I don’t know, because…..”

ANN: “Then let me help you SEE – Let me show you YOU are OK BEING SEEN

It’s YOUR home. LIVE in it. As YOU.

If you can’t be SEEN in your own home, well…….we have other things to address….”


Over 20 years & I can surely tell you, these conversations are why I developed this PROCESS. This Decorating Principle Process. 30 Principles, 7 Areas.

I am kitsch + couture (today). What are you?

MANY – I’d say 90% of the Potential Clients we vet are afraid & say “oh, no thank you”

“I don’t want to get that involved – that takes too much time”

(What is My Decorating Principle # 1? Decorate with no more than 7 years in mind….)

“I just want a new tv room for the kids, it doesn’t matter, I want it to look like the magazine picture”

(What is My Decorating Principle # 3? Fiercely protect the heart of your home)

“That’s too much work, you just don’t understand what I have to deal with”

(What is My Decorating Principle # 2? Remove any item that is emotionally unsafe)

What I KNOW?

They are afraid to be seen.

For now? That’s ok. Grace is part of who I am. I have been there. Afraid to be seen….

The systems of getting at the CORE of who we are, who my clients are – getting them comfortable with being SEEN before we undertake the projects, before we line the underside of a desk in bright purple…are integral to my mission, my vision for Couture Chateau.

It’s WORK to build a custom life. I happen to think it’s worth it.

And need I state the obvious? What is it that you suppose is the INSPIRING part of those completed jobs?

It’s always the proverbial “purple”

Style Points. YOU have them. I love bringing them out, bringing them to life.

What is your purple?

My mentors bring it out in me. Let me bring it out in you.

Couture Chateau: “Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

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  1. Why, oh, why, does everyone want to make this…difficult??, that, I sometimes have problems…oh, heck, do it!! franki

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