Tuesday Tidbit: My Calendar Habit (& Trying To Be Fearless About Writing My Heart’s Goals)

Tuesday Tidbit: My Calendar Habit

(& trying to be FEARLESS about writing my heart’s goals)

For all the Serious Planners out there you know what I am talking about

I have calendars everywhere – in every style. From Pug Puppies Mini’s to Hermes Orange Leather for my purse. I think because I am not a natural planner I have developed this habit to force myself. For an ordered life, planning & calendars are critical.

You live this tidbit every single day

It’s a Calendar Habit

I’m talking about my year long, how many calendar’s do I have..?..”Calendar Habit”

Some are private calendars, many are public – meaning everyone in the house & office has access…

Do you share this habit?

Schedule the window washers, floor polishers, gutter cleaning…plan for the next maintenance item we need to tackle that exists within a budget this year…overlay the office, kids, friends…goals…

I still mostly work from an old desk planner

I found this on Boomer Tech Talks site. Yes, I have alarms & virtual calendars, but something about the written one calls me most. This is about as close to my real desk as I have found…

Everyone writes on the big one on my desk

It is not beautiful

But it DOES help us get a visual on the year

I thought this was pretty funny. I laughed, because when writing this post I thought “I’d love a cup of coffee…why doesn’t it just appear…”!

Are you a planner?

Do you change your mind last minute?

What are some of the things that make it onto your Home Calendar?

Small everyday items?

Only the biggies like vacations & events?

For me? The Habit of planning works in direct opposition to my nature which is why I nurture this habit :)!

This year, this habit will come under my FEARLESS journey


I am attempting to write things on the calendar that I am afraid to write

This REALLY struck me. Am I being safe with my habits? My tidbits? My life? My goals? My calendar?

Goals for our home that I’d like to accomplish but may not be possible

Goals for Couture Chateau that I’d like to accomplish that may not be possible

Habits. Tidbits. A custom life is just the combined total of these…

Calendars. A habit that windows into my real self.

Ouch ;)!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann


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