Thursday Spotlight: Details of a Cabin Project in Lake Tahoe

Thursday Spotlight: Details of Cabin Project in Lake Tahoe

We are busy working in Lake Tahoe on a Cabin Project

Similar to one of the spaces we are working on, the walls are plywood. Hudson Bay Blankets are my go to for Mountain Projects.

We have used these for bed skirts, drapery, upholstery…dog beds…you name it, I’ll make just about anything out of a Hudson Bay Blanket

Mixing these blankets in with Fabulous Plaid Quilted Bed Skirts, Lined, Interlined, Quilted & Shirred, this is a luxury custom cabin look

This classic plaid is from Ralph Lauren. We are using this on one of the Bed Skirts. The custom details are over the top on this project, includng custom fabrics on the underside of the bunk beds…so completely fabulous!

One of the reasons I love working on second homes, especially cabins is the textural quality of the custom work

We can monogram, line, interline, add trim, a bit of whimsy….it’s just fun!

We can’t sneak peek too much because we’d like for this job to be published somewhere, but here’s another element we are using

This will be the top on a custom slate & silver dresser in the Master at the foot of the bed. The paint will be custom with silver snowflakes…it’s absolutely stunning. Curved with side doors. Gorgeous.

The spaces are coming together & we even brought in one of our 8 Foot Tall Silver Leaf Mirrors from Emerson to hang in the Stairwell

The Antler Chandeliers are being hung today

Our Home Depot base, customized & painted to shine!

Remember the ones we shared a while ago? Well, the custom paint is all over the place!

Spotlights are fun. We get to peek at details.

And if you have a cabin or second home that needs to be decorated, call! We absolutely love this stuff.

Have a great day!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”

4 thoughts on “Thursday Spotlight: Details of a Cabin Project in Lake Tahoe

  1. OMG!! I can hardly wait to see the finished project! We are preparing our tudor in the city to sell to move full time to our cabin-by-the-lake (talk about DOWNsizing!) so this is “right up my allee’!! franki

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