Wednesday Style Points: A Cabin Christmas

Wednesday Style Points: A Cabin Christmas

I simply love formal…truly

And casual cabin kitsch

Log & Timber Homes, Telluride. Image linked

Wear a ball gown to the studio? In a heartbeat if I could

Flip side is I simply love the mountain air & what it does for my soul

Lake Tahoe California

And the mountain homes

And the mountain projects

There is something crisp and uncluttered about the smell of the air

Those who share my passion, know what I’m talking about

It’s as if the air is custom made…this sweet aromatic perfume, simple + elegant

This week we are putting some finishing touches on a project in the Lake Tahoe Area

Belly of the Beast - Notice the blue drying fans

Belly of the Beast – Notice the blue drying fans

Should be finished near February or March…give or take 10 feet of snow…

As we headed out of the Studio in the Bay Area to work, I was grateful to pass on some of the chaos

My Favorite Style Points for a Cabin Christmas?

1. ACE Hardware is a perfectly appropriate place to shop for a Cabin Christmas Present

Ace Hardware in Truckee is so much fun! From Christmas Ornaments to Power Tools…what could be better…

2. LOCAL Coffee Shops know your name and how you like your custom topping. Marge doesn’t judge you for ordering whip cream on your latte.

3. The air is cold & it feels good on the soul

4. Working 0veralls are perfectly acceptable attire

5. Norwegian Sweaters look appropriate with my work overalls OR slim velvet pants with boots

I mean really, this classic from Dale of Norway isn’t over the top…$427, works with overalls & velvet skinnies…:)!

Have a fabulous day today….

Style Points. You’ve got them, use them!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

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