Monday Matters: Reflection Before The Rush

Monday Matters: Reflection Before The Rush

Yes, I still like to write my Christmas Cards

A Sample from a website that will do it for you…my style? NO, but if someone has created a product for it, there must be a heart calling for it somewhere…

It’s that reflection time before the rush

Of ‘Last Minute Readying’ before guests arrive for Christmas

What is your Reflection before the Rush?

WHERE to start? Hand written? Cranes Embossed? Printed? Casual...Formal...

I still buy boxes of different cards and attempt to match to an individual or family. This year, I narrowed it down to fewer than 5 types…but I enjoy the process of Christmas Cards in this internet age

Much like putting up the garland, Christmas Cards on the sofa curled up in the corner are my reflection time

Are they always out on time?


Are they always more than a hand written signature?

No, not always

(& Yes, I did give in to the address label)

But it is the time I reflect

Seasons come and go when different people come in and out of our lives, our HOMES

But something of them always remains

And that’s what I like to reflect upon when writing those silly cards

Grateful for a little holiday disorder

The decorations that aren’t up won’t go up

(I set a hard deadline for those things December 15th)

And TRY to enjoy my home, as it is.

So just for this week – Monday Matters

1. Enjoy your Custom Home just as it is, look for the beauty in it

2. Sit and reflect on those custom blessings & custom people that are in your life for a season even if it’s only for 15 minutes

3. Send them a hand written card – it will soothe your heart and bless them

4.”Live a custom life…..there is only one you!”™


8 Days & Counting….


ps: planning prevents chaos…….and editing is the friend of planning….it’s ok to say no to those last minute decor or boxes if it’s right for YOUR life. Designer Permission granted….check out a few related posts from last year around this time:

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