Monday Matters: December 10th & Counting…is your Decor Done?

Monday Matters: December 10th and Counting…is your Decor Done?

Just to put you at ease

We just decorated our Christmas Tree at the Cabin

White Resin Antler Ornaments

Yes, A Designer waited until December 8th & 9th to pull out the ornaments…

This year I collected over 30 wood ornaments for the cabin tree. Combined with antlers, ribbon & some simple plaid globes…a very Custom Cabin Christmas Tree

I like to take the time IN December to put the music on and make Holiday Merry in our Cabin in the woods

One of the things clients and friends ask often

“How many days should I spend Decorating?”

Have you ever wanted someone to just pull out the buzzer and say “game over” on the Decorating?

I have

So years ago, I came up with some very simple rules of thumb

# Days on Holiday Decorating = Per Thousand Square Feet

3 Days = 3,000 Square Feet

Any more and it might be time to watch Danny DeVito in some Christmas Movies for some perspective…

From Deck the Halls

So this weekend, we spent 2 days decking our cabin out for the Holiday

When we have Christmas Parties, ok…I confess…I will spend a solid 4 days & corral some help

But that is still within our guidelines (almost;)

Give yourself permission to put the ribbon down & enjoy the fruit of your labor!

This reasonable timeline has helped me enjoy the process for years

You and I are creating our custom holiday homes

So as this “Power Week” (what I refer to the second full week in December) rolls in

Rachel Ray’s Egg Nog. Image Linked.

(Parties, Luncheons, Drinks with friends, Office Parties, Cards to mail, Presents to buy….)

Remember that rule of thumb

Monday Matters: Ready for a productive week?


Every Claus needs cute boots!

Be sure to check our Holiday Help Page. You will find this and other tips from Designer Friends all week!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

2 thoughts on “Monday Matters: December 10th & Counting…is your Decor Done?

  1. This was “cabin week” at our “little cozy cabin” by the lake, too. I mostly did “scrub pines” in crocks.. almost, “Charlie Brown.” 🙂 Alas, back to “the Tudor” and we’re “almost” finished there. (Just “shook” the homemade Limoncello…time to decant!) franki

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