Frugal Friday: Up-Cycle, Multi-Purpose Materials for Holiday Centerpiece

Frugal Friday: Up-Cycle, Multi-Purpose Materials for Holiday Centerpiece

We know December gets ridiculously busy

Today? One of the funnest & easiest centerpieces we’ve created to date

Top Down View of the Centerpiece on Carpet. Simple & striking. Really fun.

We put this together for a Feature on Recycled Christmas Cards but TODAY are focusing on the Main Elements that tie this together, those items you have around the house all year that can do double or triple design duty.

1. A Mirror. Lay flat on your table & use as a center tray.

Detail of items on mirror with shredded & upcycled cards. Even an over sized picture frame will do. Lay it flat in the center of the table.

2. Candle with glass hurricane

This is from Ikea. I like it because there is room between the glass and the rim of the holder to attach cards or other Decorative Holiday type things. We cover up the black & white for our purposes and when the Season is over, it transforms back to normal. We customize this silly little $10 product more than I can tell you!!

4. A basket or beanie or soft hat anywhere?

Yes, you heard me correctly. Turn an old beanie upside down, fill it with shredded paper (Colorful Christmas Cards) & plop your silverware in! It is now a Custom Caddy ;).

Yes, I will use most anything for a fab fun buffet set up. Shredded cards make a great “holder” and any beanie or soft bag turned upside down becomes a custom caddy.

Here we used another product from Ikea. These are soft storage & come in assorted sizes.

3. Any old carpet pieces or carpet squares?

I simply LOVE carpet squares

Whenever showrooms are done for the season, I ask for samples. We use them as table runners constantly. Cheap, colorful, often textural – they make great contemporary table settings.

This Hampen Rug from Ikea is about $20 & comes in a ton of colors. We have also used the small round red ones for Christmas Parties.

YOU now have a custom centerpiece my friend!


Shred strong colorful cards. Throw in metallics.

Trim carpet squares to fit the center of your table. Mine is super wide. Attach with pro quality carpet square adhesive squares

This mirror is a discount closeout from Marshalls. I bought four and line them end to end for big parties. We also use matching shell picture frames as mini servers.

I love Frugal Friday. It’s my confessional time ;).

We will consolidate our Blog’s Holiday Tip Page with more pictures on December 4th so be SURE to let us know if you have questions or comments!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

& Holiday Cheers,

The CC Team

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