Monday Matters: Designed Intentionally = Grace Full Homes

Monday Matters: Designed Intentionally = Grace Full Homes

You know it when you enter the door

Is your home a place where friends are welcome?

Is the home you are visiting the place where grace lives?

Does it have a grateful vibe?

Are people welcomed? Is visiting a pleasant endeavor?


One of my favorite holidays. It represents all that is good about our Hearts & Homes.

One of my favorite holidays. Truly.

As you spend the next few days getting ready for Thanksgiving, remember, there is only one YOU.

YOUR intentional choices, in design, in life, matter.

I am writing these for myself & my staff this week. Printed & posted, letting the Magazine Worthy Spread go….& embracing the process of creating the practical custom holiday home filled with a clean powder room, a welcoming living room & an open heart for who ever needs the blessing.

1. EMBRACE who you are right now.

It’s ok to be in process…EVEN if you are hosting Thanksgiving!!

Practical Reality: If your home space isn’t what you imagined it should be…let it go. Clean the best you can, create order & let the custom life you are creating RIGHT NOW shine through. It’s ok to be “in the process”.

I love this image…if you have no time or budge to set an over the top table…buy some lemons & make proverbial lemonade! Apples, grapefruit – even bell peppers work for this simple custom place card…from Country Living

2. ENGAGE who you are hosting

There is NO such thing as the Perfect Family! Even Adam & Eve had trouble with their kids ;)!

Practical Reality: Remember everyone is dealing with something. For whatever reason, you are in their path. Offer yourself, your ears, your heart, your home with sincerity. Sometimes our friends just need a clean living room to soothe their soul & the custom path you have walked is exactly what they need.

I know & I confess, I CARE about preparation

Preparing our homes for this favored Holiday of mine takes a TON of work

A simple lovely table.

No doubt about it

Couture Chateaus = Layered, intentional woven spaces + places

Monday Matters: Those tidbits that help us begin the week

They remind us that even our Couture Chateau’s are a process….

Be encouraged. Where ever you are in this process, please be encouraged.

It matters. YOU matter.

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

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