Saturday Stuff: Reigning in My Design Imagination

Saturday Stuff: Reigning in My Design Imagination

There is an unwelcome Custom Crafter lurking in my soul

Don’t let her out often, but during the Holiday Season, she rears her head….

Really Ann?

How can I possibly think there is a good place to put a fake turkey with custom feathers

Humor Helps!

Do I really need an 8 foot tall Nutcracker…or better yet, two?!

Pull me back from the ledge!

As I found myself wandering Home Goods in search of some decorative green glass bowls for a specialized table setting – really, it was legit work – I heard myself thinking…

What if I customized those…

Where can I customize that….

Do I have a client that needs custom colored glitter this season….


So here’s my Saturday Confessional…that Custom Crafter lurks in many of us

Don’t be discouraged…good taste always has a counterpart

As mother used to say “All things in moderation”

So if you find yourself covered in glitter & fake turkey feathers, remember you are with the best of us. That’s what closets are for!!

Have a fabulous Saturday!!

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

P.S. I’ll be the woman in Home Goods with a scarf & sunglasses….pretending the Holiday Season is beneath me…..meanwhile, the glitter is being custom colored for the custom garland to match my custom crewel as we speak…;)!

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