Saturday Studio Time: Curating the Calendar, Customizing the Experience

Saturday Studio Time: Curating the Calendar, Customizing the Experience

So, Saturday we try to stay away from the Studio….

especially because it’s in my home

Family Time + Fresh Air = SANITY

However, sometimes, you just need time to curate the calendar

Curate = Look up the original meaning…nice!


1. Beneficial.

Over scheduled + Stress + Deadlines = Mess (Personal & Work)

My work piles = messy. This was the loading section for a shoot a while back. Not lined up, organized, but not “tidy”. I have delightful designer friends who have offices akin to surgical rooms. The Brain God gave me does not naturally bend that way…I have to discipline it into obedience!!…

For me, a naturally messy worker, papers piled high, stuff surrounding my work space…curating transforms my November & December. It is not easy, trust me. So I walk along side you, coffee in hand…and say, I KNOW…it’s hard, but it simply HAS to be done.

2. Goals = Achievable.

We have now taken approximately 3 weeks to prep, install & photograph a Holiday Feature. Whew. If we hadn’t cleared the decks for a bit it never would have happened. And I HAD to eat my words last week, because I hadn’t planned ENOUGH. It’s a process ;)! Always give yourself 3x the hours you think a project will take. Be pleasantly surprised if you finish early!

3. Leaves room for “Custom Life Experiences” to unfold

Each November + December, I crave hedges. Absolutely nothing scheduled. There is something so delightful about finding yourself with enough time to “think + be” instead of rushing out to shop or frantically decorating last minute.

What can you CURATE today to leave room for your “custom” Nov + Dec?

Your Home?

Your Calendar?

Your Family?

Your DIY Projects?

Your SELF?

For me today = my November & December Calendar

“No” is a complete sentence

FORCING myself to leave some blanks

Leaving doors open just because

what is your open door?

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

4 thoughts on “Saturday Studio Time: Curating the Calendar, Customizing the Experience

  1. Just read my first newsletter and I must say that I’m intrigued. I look forward to seeing all that follows. I see myself in what you said. Thank you Ann

    • Thank you Carol! My/our hope is that Couture Chateau is a place of connection. We have been knee deep in photos for these Holiday Features…knew we had to take a break when I had glitter on my face at dinner last eve ;).

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