Tuesday Tidbit: My China Habit

Tuesday Tidbit: My China Habit

I hesitate to call this a habit…

yup, have this one…Royal Crown Derby Blue Mikado. My mother’s pattern.

More like a collecting thing…HA! my husband would say…

And this Hutschenreuther pattern which was grandmothers

more like an addiction…

Franciscan Medallion Blue China

Possibly a hoarder?….no…(!)…well…sort of…

And in case you need a moose while at our cabin…

Except I USE them all….and even CUSTOMIZE them when needed with transfers or monograms

I mean don’t you always need 150 white buffet plates just in case :0?! Lordy….I may need to go to confessional after this…

What about when you need BLUE rimmed buffet plates for 150 ??

Really I do…

These match the office carpet…so…we just HAD to have the complete set in case 25 people needed to sit and match the carpet…LOL…OMG I have a prooooblem ;)!

Problem = I LOVE china. All forms, all styles, yup.

Blue Danube China

Anyone out there share my “habit”???

Adelide is fun too!

(two of my sisters and I can impulse set 200 places for sit down 5 course meals)

Calyx Ware :)…yup…this too…

Scary. Blame it on the Hotel Background.

Furio China from Thailand…these look fabulous on vintage tables! The matte black is gorj with food.

And more

Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles also…:) works from Christmas to Valentines Day!

The scary part? This isn’t close to all of them. Doesn’t include the Holiday Patterns, the other Cabin Patterns and several I use when it’s just 6 – 8 ladies for lunch….shhh…..but don’t worry, they aren’t hidden in boxes, I do take care to keep them orderly in the China Cabinet (s)….so that makes it ok, right ;)?….

My mid-western routes. I blame the Hotel thing for my need to be able to serve 200 drop ins 5 courses on china and silver!! šŸ™‚

The upside: If you stop by for a meal, at least the table will be nicely set, JUST for you

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”ā„¢

xo Ann

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbit: My China Habit

  1. Oh, my…is this the first part of the process??? Yes, I have this problem (including the cabin china!!!) I’ve rarely met a plate I didn’t like. Yours (and I have the last one pictured) are ….desireable….. franki

  2. I think of my china habit as being a prepared–like all good girl scouts!!!! Plus, everything looks better on fine bone china–in any color!!! meg

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