Thursday Spotlight: Curating Your Luxury

Thursday Spotlight: Curating Your Luxury

I had the deep honor of being quoted on Elle Decor’s Luxury Now Feature on their Website

Am I on the other side of this life? In the shadow of the greats. Deeply humbled.

Being in the same company as Elle Decor and those I admire is beyond comprehension

Labored and Learned

The Reading Paintings of New York’s Seymour Joseph Guy (1824-1910)

Humbly acknowledge “the more you know the more you realize how little you know”

Curated Luxury = Your Custom Life

What is it that speaks to you

What is it you value

In the aftermath of life’s “foxes”, stripped down, simply: how do we choose to live

What we keep, what we cherish, what remains….those are my luxuries

A cashmere cape from a husband who knows who I am ‘right now’

As I struggle with “foxes” of weight and loss, the grace of people who know you = luxury


A virtual moment with a friend in the aftermath of Sandy with what little power they have left


A realization that life will never be without issue = stop the worry, embrace the pain

Embracing the pain & loss to move forward today. Image linked.


Filling my Couture Chateau with simple things that speak to me, not by $$$$, but by heart

My kitchen sink…custom…curated…combined


Thank you Elle Decor

(if you do not “know” them, you should)

Luxury Now

“Live a custom life. There is only one you”™

xo Ann

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