Monday Matters: Couture Chateau

Monday Matters: Couture Chateau 

We’ve had a busy few weeks & are gearing up for some November Features

An amazing piece we found. Restoration on the way. Original set markings from MGM Studios…will keep you posted on progress. If you are an expert…PLEASE share your thoughts on origin/age. Three well respected peeps have already tried & disagreed…(!)….where does that leave me?

All plans & customizing details for those pesky photo shoots…& then…

I want to sit with friends and just chat. I worry about those I love who might be in harms way.

My mind and heart wander to the East Coast with friends in the path of Sandy

Hurricane Sandy from Space….

The mid-westerner in me goes to the radio (!) for the weather report…

Canned goods & communication

So on this Monday, a reminder of the things that matter

You 🙂

Let’s change the world TOGETHER 1 design choice at a time…

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

2 thoughts on “Monday Matters: Couture Chateau

  1. Now…those are some “good bones!” Having “grown up” in the “tornado allee'” 🙂 I thought I was getting AWAY from “weather..” Not so…we are “hunkered down” in NoVA…will be glad when it’s OVER!! franki

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