Frugal Friday: My (not so secret) Party Table Top Placemats

Frugal Friday: My (not so secret) Party Table Top Placemats

Big family, love to entertain, love to host, love to decorate = $$$$

Today? My secret table top placemat tip

When we design a Dining Room, we include custom lined and interlined Couture Chateau Placemats, Table Runners and Napkins

When I host a party & need a frugal fix for placemats…..shhh……:

1. Source bulk inexpensive fabric. I try to plan for 2-3 yards per place setting. 2 of my FAV online sources: Design Diva & Glamourous Fabrics. Both of these retailers carry overstock or out of season designer brands including Clarence House, Donghia & Brunschwig. They also run sales & specials. I have purchased fabric as low as $8/yard.

From Design Diva Fabrics, Clarence House $17.50/yard Special for 1 Day only. I think a gorgeous white china would look divine on this classic pattern.

2. Grab your: Cork Boards or Cardboard Boxes Cut to Size

If you have some table space, cork boards are super fun! Keeps the settings “tight”. People love the innovation. It’s a party afterall.

3. Start wrapping, duct taping, glue gunning, double sided taping that designer fabric on

Yes, this Couture Chateau girl wraps & glues in the name of a fabulous sit down dinner party

I have used: Toile, Chenille, Plaid, Burlap, Quilting, Suede, Linen…heck, I even used SHAMS. Yes, I used shams, twice actually: Ralph & Peacock Alley. Just cut heavy duty cardboard and slipped it inside, taped those puppies shut and voila.

Peacock Alley makes nice product 😉

Peeps thought we had suuuupppper xpensiv custom placemats

Royal Crown Derby China from grandmother helps…but…

I love this pattern…we used Blue Mikado on the White Shams…

yes, of COURSE I gave it up….notice the title (not so secret)….!!

My point: Frugal Friday = making your custom home “you”

Don’t be afraid to TRY an idea

Point of order: DO NOT RUSH, especially with these “crafty” type things

If you do…it will look cheap. Trust me, it will.

Remember that old saying? Good – Fast – Cheap?…you only get two at a time

So pull out the thinking caps & remember

“Live a custom life. There is only one you.”™

xo Ann

Off to Arizona this weekend…will see you Monday!

2 thoughts on “Frugal Friday: My (not so secret) Party Table Top Placemats

  1. That is just “great!” What a pretty way to “customize” your tablesettings…I’m heading off to G-Street Fabric remnants section…Thanksgiving dinner is at my house. franki

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