Wednesday Style Points: High Point Market, The Good, The Better…The Custom. Ann’s Top Three Take-a-Ways

Wednesday Style Points: High Point Market, The Good, The Better…The Custom

Oh….I looove Market.

So many fabulous and fun vendors and talks (hello Charolotte Moss! What a woman!)

My top three take – a – ways:


Manufacturers are becoming more Designer Friendly. Someone got the memo.

“We are Designer Friendly” was the VERY first thing I heard after a lovely Hello. Thank you! And Holly – the showroom is FABULOUS. I can hardly wait to find a project to use some of your pieces in.

I have been in this business a looooong time. Had the honor of starting in the manufacturing end for a very progressive thinker: Designers were of the highest order to that manufacturer and the business thrived. There was an understanding that the “Feet on the Ground” with the taste makers trickled down, not the other way around.

Fashion + Art has always understood that. Remember Cerulean Blue…

Perhaps the Fashion + Decor Theme had something to do with it.

Whatever the case, it was a lovely time to be at Market.


Thank you. It was refreshing.


I got to see my “peeps”. I learned from my “peeps”. I was happier in community with my “peeps”.

My “peeps” opened my eyes to some of the manufacturers I would never have gone to on my own. Accessory companies, upholstery companies and all sorts of lighting options. In the past, I have scheduled appointments and been very business like….well, this time…there was that (all business like) but there was “float”.

I like float. I needed float.

Charlotte Moss talked about time in her Kayak. That inspired me.

Float allowed me to enjoy a book signing (Charlotte, Rhonda, Scot, Suzanna)!

Float provided me an introduction to Quintessence. Hello Heaven. Thank you Traci Zeller.

Along for the fun with Traci Zeller as she style spotted at Stanford Furniture…how fun!

And yes, lovely and classic in person. Simply divine.

Float. Try it. New for me ;)…I think I like it…. (!)…..


I met several manufacturers who are offering completely customized options now.

Hickory has always done this….but others are following suit. A wonderful thing as we “Live our custom lives…”

That is NEW. Trust me. It is NEW.

So – exciting stuff for the Design Industry.

Will check in when we are back in SF….& I’ve had my latte from my favorite local “custom coffee shop” ;)…my own kitchen…

“Live a custom life. There is only one you”™

xo Ann

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Style Points: High Point Market, The Good, The Better…The Custom. Ann’s Top Three Take-a-Ways

  1. Lucky you!! Really, hard work is not just “lucky” though, is it. Isn’t Traci something!! I’m off to kayak on this beautiful Autumn morning in Virginia! franki

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