Frugal Friday: How to Nurture a Luxury Mindset with a Chai Latte Budget

Frugal Friday: How to Nurture a Luxury Mindset with a Chai Latte Budget

Define Luxury…

Yesterday, I had the honor of being quoted by one of my favorite blogs, Quintessence (linked here)

” as designer Ann McDonald of Couture Chateau in Orinda, CA said, “Luxury is more a state of mind than a state of pocketbook.” 

Twirled like a 15 year old girl. I told my Master Mind Friends I had been quoted by Royalty. They agreed.

Context: Months ago I responded with full heart to an Elle Decor Survey on “Luxury Now – What Really Counts”

It is one of those Life Forces for me: Luxury, that is.

A sneak peek of my kitchen sink…I hope someday to share my home with you in publication

I grew up in a home where Luxury was taught as a  custom PROCESS. We ate intentionally. We were taught the value of family & to live with care.

Process WAS substance because how things were executed indicated if we cared or valued what we were doing. The highest order was to custom build that PROCESS according to the gifts & talents we brought to the table. I think it’s why we’re all so different.

If you were going to do something, do it beautifully and do it well.

It was never based on dollar amount – we didn’t have that much.

And we all know that money does not buy taste, or intent…or care…

My opinion? I think it was because there wasn’t a lot that I learned to NURTURE the mindset that  (Value + Care + Intent) = Luxury

Life takes turns…sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down…

The beauty: The answer is simple – well, in theory 😉 at least…

It may be hard to bring our head in line with our heart’s Luxury goal – I do severely desire an Hermes bag

Simple and classic…it would look fabulous sprawled on my mismatched slate kitchen counter…

but my Custom Luxurious Life Mindset does not depend upon it.

It depends on my nurture of  (value + care + intent)

There  really is no club to join, no fee to pay, no license exam to pass. We just start. Today.

We bring our custom selves – all those quirky talents & random gifts our DNA handed us – to the table and start.

For me – it always begins with space. Space affects me profoundly. Not sure why, it just does. And so I start there. And when they ask…I start there with my clients & with my friends.

Funny how when we intentionally bring in (value + care + intent) to space….”luxurious” as a descriptive phrase is never far behind.

What is your Luxury? What is your mindset?

As a new friend said to me the other evening…”I collect stories”…I think I see her Luxury Mindset now…she (values) them + she (cares) about them + she is (intentional) in the stewardship of them by collecting…do you see?…..

Live a custom life. There is only one you.™

xo Ann

6 thoughts on “Frugal Friday: How to Nurture a Luxury Mindset with a Chai Latte Budget

  1. Thank you for the mention Ann – it was my pleasure – a great quote. And a great post – “do it beautifully, do it well.” Couldn’t agree more. I admire anyone who follows that prescription!! Have a great weekend!!

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