Thursday Spotlight: High Point Furniture Market, Fall 2012

Thursday Spotlight: High Point Furniture Market, Fall 2012

A map of the buildings…each one with product…

For the uninitiated…it’s “that time of year again” when almost all of the Home Furnishings Industry arrives in North Carolina

Twice a year it’s our journey to proverbial mecca

The focus this year is Fashion & Decor…very cool

Sure, there’s Decorex (amazing) in the UK and all the fabulous markets in Europe where trends are set and art unveiled

but High Point is the “Lab Practical” for those of us doing business in the US

Bentley Churchill is one of the manufacturers I will visit. We love their product and they customize for us. They manufacture our custom private label pieces for our most special clients. Customer Service, Old School Quality & as you can see…right on trend.

We get to check in with old friends, see new trends, sit on comfy chairs, marvel at uncomfy cool ones ;), cheers & chat

Check out this years theme: Fashion & Decor

Another piece from Bentley. Love the tufting & the acrylic legs…we customize pieces like this for our clients, a tweak here, a height change there…some quilting as a band…the important thing is that no one else will have a piece exactly like theirs.

What I love about this year’s theme…as you may have guessed…is the information highway between what goes on in the Fashion Industry & Interior Design Industry

Nancy Berg in blue velvet ball gown by Leslie Morris, photo by Horst P. Horst, 1953

My custom obsession with design is simply mirrored by that same penchant in fashion

It’s what we’ve been talking about all week…how they trend together…work together…influence together…

We go to meet with our custom manufacturers & be inspired

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Even though we are not an official Style Spotter for Market, we ARE GATHERING for our local papers :)…so we will be pinning and chatting, tweeting & talking.

Here’s to small towns…!

And Small Town Papers!

I am ALWAYS grateful to be able to go.

We will be at least partially out of touch with travel…but will check in as best we can!

Live a custom life. There is only one you.

xo Ann

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