Monday Matters: Finding your Muse in Custom Interior Decorating & Design

Monday Matters: Finding your muse in Custom Interior Decorating & Design

I confess, I love couture details.

Elie Saab, 2008 Couture. I swear if I could wear this to work I would !!!

I have struggled to figure out where it came from…this manic love of the covered button, interlined pillow or silk monogrammed underlining on a chair that no one but the owner sees

Chanel Haute Couture. I can see that necklace translated into a table base or custom handles…and I would, again, wear that jacket to grocery shop ;)!

…& why it compels me…

Giamattista Valli. This is from his second Haute Couture Collection. I mean, DIVINE!!!

It finally hit me  – not so subtly – this week.

duh Ann…it’s only been…well, let’s just say I’m not in my 30’s any more…

Call me dense :)!…but sometimes it takes me a L O N G time to see things!!

I grew up with a mother who sewed. I am sure she missed her calling in some capacity…as she made everything over the years from bathing suits (!) to wedding dresses & even a beautiful knit out fit for my boys when they were infants.

It is in the details…I remember standing for hours on end to have her cut a pattern from my body…out of paper bags because they “held their shape nicely, dear”…! Why was I not more grateful ! :(…oh to get that time back…since we can’t … on to making custom for YOU!! :)! She would love that…absolutely love that…

Her creations were always perfectly cut. Always from a pattern in her brain or tweaked. Always custom.

Guess I found my muse. I miss her.

A Greek muse

She knew how to find the exceptional in fabric & fabricate something that was magical to wear…..even when that fabric was cheap or I was overweight.

The way she cut the fabric, the care, the thread she used…the way the buttons NEVER fell off, the hems were always completely invisible…it made me feel like I mattered in a world of so many people…that someone took the time to make something special that would enhance who I was….

She made me feel special and important when a custom “anything” was made for me.

And I want you to feel that same way.

To know your value!

2012 Elie Saab Haute Couture. Now…can you imagine a fabulous – and I DO MEAN FABULOUS chair in your bedroom from this?! Everyday luxury in your life and home. Couture Chateau…!

Let me say that again – I want you to know you are valuable. You are worth making something custom for. That will enhance your life, who you are at your core.

I can’t sew to save my dog’s soul…much less mine…but I can walk along side you & we can work together to incorporate custom into your home and life.

Who is your muse?

Couture Chateau is built on the foundation that design and living is all about you. Who you are, what you are meant to do and be. And that custom design matters because it equips you to “be a better you” and by extension, your community and the world at large are blessed because of that.

So here’s to Monday. It matters. And so do you!!

Live a custom life. There is only one you.

xo Ann

6 thoughts on “Monday Matters: Finding your Muse in Custom Interior Decorating & Design

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your Mom! How blessed you must feel to have that talent embedded in your soul. It’s what makes your designs so special…passing on what Mom gave you! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Denise. This post certainly didn’t start out that way…she’s been gone over 10 years! Had a few questions last week about “where did it all come from”…so I tried to figure it out….She was far from perfect – trust me!! :)!…but sometimes we find the silver lining…and for that I am grateful. Have an amazing week! xo Ann

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