Frugal Friday: Finishing Out a Retail Product with a Favorite Design Trick we’ve used for years…

Frugal Friday: Finishing out a retail product with a favorite design trick we’ve used for years…

Frugal Friday has become one my favorite features of this blog – it gives me a chance to share some of our time honored secrets, new sources and ways to customize a job in a frugal way. I like that! Very fun.

Here’s another one of my design tricks. Simple really, just one of those things that I’ve been doing for years…never really think about it until clients and friends are blown away by the outcome. Mostly because there are a gazillion DIY places out there that do a bad job of using a simple solution and muck it up with too much “craftiness” or too little skill.

Here is the same “type” of table we had…meaning a rectangular glass top with uber contemporary lines on the base. What I like is that you can use ANY pedestal base for this idea.

Take a glass table top, underline it with an incredible fabric. I don’t mean put fabric on top of something and place the glass OVER, I mean UNDERLINE the glass with a fabric (adhere that puppy) to the glass.

First time I ever did this, we had a client who was *DONE* spending $$$$$. Problem was, we HAD to finish off the space with a table and it HAD to be fabulous.

Solution: buy the Versace Fabric (2 Yards @ $750/yard) – ok you can substitute a less expensive fabric – it is frugal Friday after all :)!! BUT the point is, for this client, it WAS frugal!! Our other option was to use about 12 yards of the Versace…you do the math!! 12 versus 2 at $750 a yard?! Big time frugal ;).

This isn’t the fabric we used – don’t have access to the table we made any longer (did I say how many years ago that was ;)!, but wanted to show you the TYPE of fabric we were dealing with. It had to have impact and it was a very contemporary space.

Have it adhered to the underside of the glass with fabric paste or glue and top it on the pedestal bases. We DID make a simple backing system in case we had some fraying and did need to play with it a bit but since that time we have used several fabrics and several table tops and bases.

I love this simple Calder side table cube from Arteriors Home and would love to put a fabulous fabric on the underside of the glass here. Make this a fun centerpiece for a teenage hang out. Easy and fun!

I also had this professionally done by a window shade manufacturer who was used to adhering fabric to those roll down shades that drive everybody nuts (!) BUT I knew we only had one shot to get it right…and he did…he had years of making those shades just right for some of the pickiest people on the West Side of Los Angelels :)!! thank GOD.

This fabric we used for one of the tables is from 2009 I think (Marimekko) but they make great patterns for this kind of thing! High impact, lower price point, easy to find at Crate & Barrel and online. Easy to change also…

In putting together this post, I searched online to see if I could find some DIY Blog that had ever done this – I found this blog…”Trapped in North Jersey” and howled. Why? Because the person we made the original table for was in California but they were from … well … let’s just leave it at that… is the link to her site which has some VERY simple DIY instructions for the process. No sense reinventing the wheel as she has done a nice job telling us the HOW’s:

Have a GREAT weekend…and let me know if you use this tip anywhere in your home!

This is my inspiration piece from this season. We have been doing this for (ahem….) many years, but I simply LOVE how Ruben has taken it one step further and added a layer of pattern beneath the glass. Simple, classic, on trend, iconic. I can imagine this will be copied a billion times, but for good reason. In it’s simplest form, this is good design. Practical, movable, interesting, flexible and convenient. Swoon. I do hope some benefactor out there has wrapped up a few of these in original format for some furniture museum. Pucci is pretty good at that…so I’m not worried!

Inspiration piece from this season – I LOVE this table by Ruben Toledo from Pucci. Have since the first moment I saw it. I am dying to use the original in a space (clients?!).

Live a custom life. There is only one you!

xo Ann

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