Wednesday Style Points: Learning & Teaching About Interior Design & Decorating

Wednesday Style Points: Learning & Teaching About Interior Design & Decorating

I have never been accused of being quiet

Well sometimes I have…

But not about Design & Decorating

Today we are sharing the day with our Video Guys & some very special attendees at our Seminar: My Catalog Life

West Elm…we take these resources and really break it down so you aren’t overwhelmed and know where to start…you have a plan…

It’s about making a home space from retail product – in practical but custom terms! It’s about creating your couture chateau’s from those stacks and stacks of catalogs & miles of inbox “unreads”!

This Seminar was born out of a talk I wrote…is that how you say it?…called “Help! I’m a Home Goods Addict” which was for a few good friends 😉

Are we ashamed to say we go here from time to time??….!

ARGHHHH!!! they said (in a good way)….so…the talk morphed into this Seminar!

Here is the link to the Pinterest Board we created for this Seminar

Pottery Barn via Apartment Therapy (picture linked)

It is now practical, always (!) and includes checks & balances to make sure you are making a space your own and not a “Catalog Ad”

I’d love to expand this topic – but for now it’s a single day and we will do our best to get some video edits done by November so our remote Couture Chateau Friends can download one of the segments for free! There will be 5 segments – possibly 6 if we run on!!

Seminar is sold out – we only had room for 8, but will be videoing so we can edit for practical downloads

Sneak Peek of nuggets:

Easy Ways to Coordinate Compatible Retail Product

1. Catalog Scale – who has furniture frames that work together (?!)

2. Catalog Colors – who partners with which paint suppliers for their finishes (?!)

3. Catalog Fabrics – where do those fabrics really come from and how can I coordinate if I want to buy from another company (?!) and why do I see the same fabrics in a lot of the catalogs? Is it actually the same or printed differently

……& more…..

xo Ann

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