Monday Matters: How to Custom Decorate my home when all I can afford is from a Catalog?

Monday Matters: How to Custom Decorate my home when all I can afford is from a Catalog?

Seminar is SOLD OUT but we will VIDEO it for an affordable download option broken into 5 Segments! So excited!!

We believe you are Custom

We believe making a Custom Space makes us live more intentional lives

A simple customization from Retail product…we took a planter from Home Goods that was table height and used it as a table base instead! The Lantern is from OSH Hardware, the Rope as well…we teach you how to combine with an eye towards the upper end but your wallet grounded in reality!

How do you bring Custom into your home when all you have access to or can afford is from a Catalog?

We know from this month’s House Beautiful that Hermes Orange and Tiffany Blue are all the rage, but how do we incorporate that when we cannot or choose not to spend $$$$ on Custom Decorating? In this Seminar we FOCUS and EDIT from the get go. We start by establishing a Color Palate for YOU. A Custom Color Palate for a singular space that will be your jumping off point. We “eat the elephant” one bite at a time!! And while we eat…we are constantly bringing it back to YOUR custom space.

This week we are hosting a Seminar called “My Catalog Life: How to Create a Custom Home from Retail”

Our Seminar is Sold Out – we only allow 8 people at a time so that all of our participants get hands on training & one on one followup



AFTER. This is a micro example of using Retail but customizing the space and thinking outside the box but INSIDE of reality and practicality. Everything functions, everything translates into another room, but it is custom for you and your lifestyle. This “mini project” we did as a bite size nugget for our actual Seminar which will focus on one of your “meal size” rooms-spaces, examples include: Family Room, Master, Guest Room, Living Room, Play Room.

 we are videoing it so we can SHARE it with those of you who’d like to participate on a more Budget Friendly Platform! It should be ready to purchase and download within a few weeks. We will edit it into the 5 Segments we are doing at the Seminar.

First:  How to Establish a Color Palate that is Custom but Realistic, Affordable & Achievable

We run you through simple tips to establish your Custom Color Palate for your Home that is consistent with some of the major Furniture Catalogs out there. We pull from places like Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, CB2, West Elm, Grandinrod


We are SO excited about this Seminar. Can hardly wait!

If you aren’t already, please make sure to opt in on our Blog so you will receive updates as to when the download will be available.

Have a great week!

xo Ann

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