Thursday: Spotlight on a Cabin Design Project

Thursday: Spotlight on a Cabin Design Project

I love the Mountains

I love Cabins & somewhat Kitsch Decor

This image I pulled from pinterest. Click on photo for link. I do not know who it is credited to but absolutely love the scale and proportion!

It takes the serious out of so much of what we do as Designers and brings humor and whimsy into our lives

I so wish I could work with this architect. He’s out of Big Sky Montana and I love his aesthetic for cabin living. Photo by Audrey Hall.

As I’ve said before…and will say again…

“Taking yourself too seriously is the kiss of mediocrity”

Here are a few inspiration photos for a project we are working on in the Lake Tahoe Area

The Flooring on the main level will be Hickory

This will be a Family Cabin that hosts many generations & many friends.

A type we are thinking about…these look great but can be hard to make on a daily basis so we are really hammering out these details…tbd…This photo was taken from an online rental….linked thru pic

It will get USED. It will be LIVED in.

I love this kitchen inspiration. Credit on Pinterest. Click to see thru.

Dogs, Wet Bathing Suits, Skis, Snowboards, Earthen Backpacks from Jeep Excursions…you name it!

We even started a Pinterest Board to help navigate this project. Check it out here: Cabin Decor.

Happy Cabin. xo Ann

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