Wednesday Interior Design Style Points: Yom Kippur a Day Set Apart

Wednesday Interior Design Style Points: Yom Kippur a Day Set Apart

Though I am not Jewish, today is a Holy Day for many of my friends. It is set apart.

As a Designer and Decorator, I have been humbled and learned much from my Jewish friends and colleagues who take great care and understand the value and import of each component that goes into intentional purposeful design.

One of my biggest learning experiences was when I designed a Kosher Kitchen decades ago. I can now see it as the genesis of my love of custom detail.


I had to measure and design individual spaces or compartments that were lined with cloth for every single item.

Every cabinet was measured for what item would be placed in it and made to size. Every cabinet was then custom lined with an appropriate cloth.

It made me realize that even the smallest items had value and import and deserved to be stewarded and have a place.

Each PIECE had a PURPOSE and was VALUED. Nothing superfluous went into that space. Everything mattered, was measured, had a specific place and was accounted for.

Embrace your custom value and purpose today :). You matter and are accounted for!

What Interior Design Choices can you make that will enhance your life? Make you more of who you are supposed to be?

I love this lamp – it is made of what some people think of as throw away or ridiculous material…but in the hands of the right designer becomes something fabulous and beautiful! Great symbolism for never overlooking the details. From Demilked. Swoon.

Live a custom life. There is only one you!

xo Ann

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