Thursday: Spotlight on Easy to Engage Designer Services, Today our Couture Chats!

We had a Fabulous Invite Only Clearance Sale Last Week

4 Antique Queen Anne Chairs from Sale

Everyone knew what to do with the Products…tag & buy fast :)!

Restored Antique Settee with Covered Buttons on Reverse

Gorgeous Back Side of Settee with Covered Buttons!

But we did have some questions about “What do you actually do?”

Our Couture Chats don’t usually involve wine, but they could!

As the Holiday’s Approach, I thought I’d Spotlight an EASY TO ENGAGE SERVICE

This week we will start with our Couture Chats

We provide tissues if the Design Dilemma is leaving you DRAINED! Sometimes the smallest things that are out of order in our home leave us emotionally broken. We want to have a nice space that works but don’t know where to start!

Have you ever thought: I need a new comforter before Mom and Dad come for Thanksgiving?

I should paint the powder room a fresh color before they arrive?

I’d like to update the Family Room with Accessories but not sure where to start?

I’d like to decorate for the Thanksgiving Holiday but don’t want it to be to “theme” as it needs to work into December as well?

How much does a slip cover really cost and will that solve my “kids with food” on the sofa issues?

If any of those sound familiar, one of our Couture Chats might be just the thing.

Two Hours in the Studio with Ann, $700.

YOUR Questions, YOUR Fears, YOUR Design Issues, YOUR Preferences, YOUR Real Life Dilemmas

What we do BEFORE:

Personality Test

I love this! Even how we deal with Personality Tests shows us something about ourselves ;). It is just one of the tools we use to help YOU find your personal style!


Taking the time to answer questions helps us all edit issues down to manageable scale

Telephone Q & A Time

Actual talking time! What a concept!

There is Homework also so don’t think you are off the hook ;)!…

Call 925-386-0720 or email us today if you are interested in a Couture Chat! We skype them also…our NYC Buddies luv this…xo Ann


“Ann saved me from making a huge mistake. She counseled me off the ledge. I was managing my own Project and was really happy with the results until I got stuck on a stupid design decision. She immediately saw through the issues because she had done so much prep work with me ahead of the two hours.”                C.V., Alamo, California

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