Wednesday Style Points: My Interior Design Go To Furniture Basics, the Farm Table

Wednesday Style Points: My Interior Designer Go To Furniture Basics

Farm Tables: I LOVE Farm Tables with Attitude

Painted Farm Table: French. I have two of these in my own home. Love them.

Another Side View. At 85″ Long and just the right height, a farm table works for dining, studying, a buffet, office desk…just about anything! Including standing on when you need a dress hemmed!! 😉

Why do I love this style? Because even if budget doesn’t allow for the Vintage French Version Above…you can EASILY Build one! (or have your carpenter build one)

Seriously….4 Gorgeous Legs….Some Pine….and Voila!

One of my FAVORITE sites is Custom Made

We OFTEN build a simple custom table that is JUST RIGHT for our client…

We have a Custom Draw Leaf Table in our Office…

Love this because it so easily adapts to conference length! This one has turned legs, the one we kept has fluted legs.

What does your Favorite Workhorse Table look like?

xo Ann

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