Sunday Stewardship: Packing For A New Chapter

Sunday Stewardship of our Couture Chateau’s

Packing Boxes

We are Packing our Son off for a New Chapter: College

Dodge College at Chapman University


Turning Over a New Leaf

As we send our oldest son off to college, we edit & prune

Pruning Shears – We Edit our Life

we wish we had do-overs on so many things

We DO get Second Chances in Life

As we Build our Couture Chateaus – our lives – from what has gone before and what will come…

Piles of Fabric – Like Life, It All Adds Up

I hope you find the Beauty in the Layering of all that has gone before in YOUR life and all that is to come…

I LOVE this because we take the piles of scrap in our lives and make them BEAUTIFUL! It’s NEVER to late to build our couture chateau’s…

Here’s to building our couture chateau’s TOGETHER.

Happy Sunday

xo Ann

6 thoughts on “Sunday Stewardship: Packing For A New Chapter

  1. Ann,
    This post hit home for me… was exactly what I need to hear!! I wish you and your son all the best:) These days for me will be here before I know it with mine!! You must be so proud of him!!

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