Day 4….Anesthesia…hugh? How does THAT fit with Design…

Day 4 of our 6 Day (hopefully humorous) Blog Post on “Design Projects as Surgery”

Our 5 stages are: Consultation – Scheduling – Anesthesia– Recovery/Rehab – Living Anew!

Laughed out loud at this!

Today…ANESTHESIA….Also known as...”we are putting you under…PLEASE oh PLEASE leave this part to the professionals!!!”

I actually have the most fun with this part of our analogy.

Think of it this way….DO YOU HELP your DOCTOR with SURGERY??

If you do…well…am assuming you might be from Mars or something and THAT is an entirely different discussion ;)…


If not…well…does it make sense??

As a Designer, this has helped me explain the process to clients better than ANY other teaching tool I have used over the years.

It conjurs up images of Gene Wilder (showing my age!) in Young Frankenstein…I like humor…it helps us see more clearly……

The point is, when we HIRE a pro…the BEST way to get the best out of them is to back away and let them do their job.

IF you woke up during…let’s say…facial surgery…and you looked in the mirror and attempted to help your surgeon “put things in place”…it probably wouldn’t look so good.

Same with a Living Room Installation.

This is a typical furniture plan from another persons blog...I liked the descriptions...

IF you walk in on your Decorator and his/her team moving furniture into your home and placing accessories and you attempt to “help” I guarantee it will take longer than it would if you went to the kitchen, made some tea, went outside and read a book.

It never worked for Lucy when she "helped" Ricky...;)!

AFTER all the pieces are in place (EG: AFTER the surgical swelling subsides is when you LOOK…before and yipes!) then you can come in and enjoy!

The fun part of this is – I actually LOVE the install process. Most Designers do.

It is the part where our months – sometimes YEARS of planning, ordering, designing come to fruition. We have “seen it in our heads” for so long…we want to make sure the REALITY is even better than our original VISION. That takes s p a c e. Space to execute. Space to work. The inventories are done, the packing up and unpacking is completed, the small items are placed, there is the thrill of the energy rush when everything arrives…the drapes, the delivery trucks…of COURSE there are issues…sometimes Couches don’t fit thru doors…so we find another way…sometimes we need one more picture hook…but the point is, we ARE paid & trained to handle those nuisances just as your Doctor is PAID and TRAINED to deal with the unknown.

So sit back and let us handle it ! Enjoy the anesthesia...I PROMISE…the daily living and dusting and all the other stuff that comes with taking CARE of those fabulous new rooms will hit soon enough…for now…enjoy the high!

Consultation = Honesty

Scheduling = Patience

Anesthesia = TRUST!

"Trust people and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves great." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tomorrow…Recovery/REHAB 😉 no no no…I don’t want to go to rehab!


xoxo Ann

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