Design Projects as Surgery…A Six Day Look @ Five Humorous Stages of Successful Projects

We have spent the past few days IMMERSED in getting ready for an Install. So fun, but 18 hour days of details…;) and not enough office back up make for slower blog posts. (Intern job anyone??)

That said, it made me think about what is really involved in even SMALL Interior Projects.

We were joking in the office it’s like Surgery – let’s call it the “refresh kind” of surgery..

Laugh Out Loud...we are not miracle workers...we are Designers!

Am sure my doctor & nurse friends will correct the analogy – but I wanted to get at the “guts

The guts of clocks

of how we approach a project…and educate clients (new, old, potential, diy’ers…) about what is really involved

No matter the scale…

Projects can be big or small, they still require attention & time!

I realized that one of the things I tell all my prospective clients is that working with a Designer is like working with a Doctor for a LIFETIME of HEALTH. In order to have a successful relationship with your Doctor…Designer…

  • you MUST be honest. brutally honest (budget, time, issues, fears)
  • you must share WHO you are (no concealed closets)
  • you must communicate WHAT your habits really are (not how you want to be but how you ARE)
  • you must evaluate HOW you really live (so we can move you towards how you WANT to live)
  • you must assess WHAT your goals really are (budget, lifestyle, time, maintenance)

For our next few BLOG posts we will break this relationship into FIVE STAGES:

…and I will share something that relates in my own life or from the life of a cooperative (but anonymous) client!


Consultation – Scheduling – Anethesia – Recovery – Rehabilitation (& Living Anew!)

We will try to inject some humor along the way…after all this IS Interior Design…

TOMORROW…Consultation…put on that gown & step on that scale!



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