Saturday Shopping for Bargains in Sebastopol California

I wanted to share two of my FAVORITE sources for BARGAINS

Sometimes Projects call for something UNIQUE

One of MY best sources for treasures & yes, trinkets…is SEBASTAPOL, California.

There are literally so many antique shops and funky places it makes it HARD to narrow it down.

These are my TOP 2 Stops (What is nice is that they are right next to eachother). I would give more but it takes me HOURS to get thru these two when I really focus.

1. The Antique Societyis having a Sale this weekend – I WISH I could get there, but for me, this weekend it will have to wait. It can be HIT or MISS as often the goodies go fast…but sometimes you find those diamonds in the rough. Also, I run into well known STYLISTS there…you know their work – you’ve seen it in Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware…cool!

The Antique Society

2. FFT Antiques.These guys do it all, including having a mission. I have found some AMAZING scales at this place…and always have fun poking thru the outside spaces. I STILL wish I had not passed up the French Balcony…duh….Ann….why did I think it would still be there??…


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