Versace is one of my Favorites

Today I am going to share one of my FAVORITE design inspirations.

For the most part I am pretty traditional designer. A ton of my clients are all about Toile. Or Crewel. BOTH pretty traditional, tho they can be “transitional” if we punch them with some contemporary life.

Many of my clients are practical – and are in stages of their lives where fabric needs to handle kids and pets.

I get it.

That said, I am always trying to infuse the unusual and unexpected into projects.

Versace is my muse.

I know – it’s messy on the social front — so be it.

It’s fabulous design and for that I am grateful. It’s alive. It says “hello” and frankly, the traditional design aesthetic could use a punch here and there :)!

Enjoy some of my favorite pieces and designs…….

xo Ann

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