Reminded and Inspired by Dwell with Dignity AND Martyn Lawrence Bullard

TODAY I tackle why Dwell With Dignity spoke to me personally…

Nuts and bolts are: There were and are times that it really bothers me that my skill set is in….well…decorating…….and DWD reminds me EVERY DAY that decorating (DEsigning those Couture Chateau lives) makes a difference in the practical day to day.

There is some part of my conscience, brain…whatever is in there, that says “decorating & design is not important” “it’s just stuff” “it’s a waste of time” “ummmm, really Ann?….you are dedicating your life pursuit to THAT?…how shallow…can….u…be…”

A Shallow Pool…is this what Decorating is??  A shallow pool??

I am not a Business Guru or Preacher of all things Good, I am not a seasoned Venture Capitalist or own private planes & islands (tho some of my friends/relatives do). I do not have advanced degrees from esteemed colleges (tho many of my friends/relatives do)…I have an undergraduate Sociology Degree from UC Berkeley…along with a few class credits from Parsons in NYC and UCLA, which in most circles qualifies me for organic vegan grass…and recycled shoes….and makes me some kind of weird cocktail party tag line when I’m with the Canadian or Mid West extended fam

ok…so these ORGANIC  VEGAN SHOES are actually kind of cute, but I still prefer High Heels ;)!

At extended family gatherings or sometimes even hanging with friends…I feel like the ‘light weight’ in terms of added value. I mean decorating…? It’s not even “Interior Architecture” !!

and by the way, those credentials CERTAINLY don’t qualify me by the world’s standard to tell you to purchase a twelve thousand dollar sofa…

I do seriously have an addiction to Versace…all of it…

– which I WILL do…

The Herald by Versace…yum!

Have any of you ever felt that way? Not just about ‘decorating’ or ‘designing’ but about what YOU do? OR about just “who you are?”

Kick that part of your brain to the curb. It has NO place in your life or your home.

At least the color of this one is nice…how would it be as drapes…looks good with Versace piece above don’t you think?

I sit in church or go to charity events and people are feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, saving the world….and I’m thinking about $700 a yard fabric.

Can a $700 a yard fabric save the world? What’s a girls’ conscience to DO???

Enter Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

Darling, Inspiring and yes, completely humble. Fabulous. Transparent.

I have loved him since the 90’s in LA.

He shares about his “silly little tv show” – WHICH THOSE OF US IN DESIGN SEE AS NEITHER SILLY OR LITTLE…but I digress – how that trickle down theory of “What Martyn Does” saved the job of a custom fabricator of beautiful woodwork half a country away from Los Angeles.

This fabricator was so grateful, he got on a plane to thank Martyn after one of his speaking engagements. What really happened? A client who thought CUSTOM was a waste of time and money said no to that fabricator….watched MDD….and went back explaining that they now understood WHY it mattered.

Martyn does a better job describing the process, but you get the jist.

They were now willing to pay for excellence – and willing to pay the craftsman – rather than go the cheap route. And said Craftsman stays in business, feeds his family, pays his mortgage…you get the drift….

MUSIC to my ears.

Wrap up and Brain Re-Set for THIS silly little decorator…

EXCELLENCE is pursuing your corner of the world well.

There is VALUE in EXCELLENCE.  If my corner of the world happens to be in decorating and design, then so be it.

Do you know how many skilled tradesmen work on a fabulous pillow or hand embroidered fabric?

Three years ago when we finally incorporated (has it been that long?!) we searched high and low for some kind of motto we could be proud of, something that would communicate what we were about at Couture Chateau.

What we came up with was this…in Latin of course 😉 but loosely translated it says….

“Find a man skilled in his work and he shall serve before Kings”

There is no apology needed for being skilled in our work – the sleep of the laborer is sweet as a wise man once said! There is HONOR in doing something well. No fancy degrees or pedigree needed. Just because YOU are you – that is enough.

– cool. – and cheers….here’s to sleeping well and serving before kings…

and would someone please remind me the next time a Decorating – Designing Peer (or I am) feels like a light weight to take our own advice??

xo Ann

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