True to her calling…and gifts…Dwell with Dignity inspires

This past week at the Design Bloggers Conference, we had the honor of hearing from the woman who started Dwell with Dignity.(Website Link Here)

She is a remarkable woman who combined her PASSION for those less fortunate, POSITION in a community with resources and PROFESSION in Interior Design.

She does an amazing job using the best available to bring honor and dignity to those transitioning back into a productive life.

She and those who work along side her understand that WHERE we live and HOW we live affects the soul.

WHY her presentation spoke to me personally is tomorrow’s post….;)

TODAY, take a minute and peruse their site and check out this article (YES, I know it’s from 2011, but I thought it was the best review I’ve seen;)

It’s a wonderful organization. Be encouraged today that there IS good being done….

xoxo Ann

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