Friday Fun Day: Never Sit Down in a Hoopskirt….

Friday Fun Day!  It rained all day today (Thursday) in SF so I was happy to come across my friend Crickett Rumley’s Blog post about GCB and a few other fun and relevant things going on in LA….

Since it was grey outside and the cover of her book is CHEERFUL!….It was a great way to infuse some color into the office by posting this for today.

My new intern worked at getting those business cards organized from the conference, we scheduled for an install tomorrow and made sure all those details were accounted for and then, I had the pleasure of checking in on Crickett.

Have you heard of Crickett Rumley?

LOVE this girl

Her Website/Blog:

She is a pretty amazing woman of the South, transplanted to Los Angeles via New York. I count her as a friend.

She also happens to be a great author.

Her book “Never Sit Down in a Hoopskirt” is sheer delight. There are some great laugh out loud moments. The book resonates with time honored truths but is not preachy. All in all a great read.

Check her out. So fun! Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Friday!!

xoxo Ann

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