What is a Couture Chateau life?

Detail of Tassel Fringe

And how on earth do I LIVE it?!

FIRST the Couture part.

Couture: TO layer by hand, sew (live, build, dream, hope, fail, try again….) in an excellent manner.

For me it really means trying or giving my best effort at any given moment. Sometimes it just means I don’t spill the coffee…;) Other times it means I don’t shrink back in fear when I KNOW the right thing to do is move forward. The easy thing is to hide behind the gate…or the office door…

The really cool part of Couture is that it isn’t BORING.

There is NO catalog living in a COUTURE life. And remember….where’s L’Oreal when you need ’em….“you’re worth it!”

Add some Versace to the mix. ?Where is the GALLIANO in your home decor? I know there is at least a tiny bit in YOU ;)

Can you seriously tell me you don't LOVE this??!! THIS is Couture...

Mix it WITH the Gap. ADD it to the Abercrombie.

Same for your HOME. Same for the place that serves as the inspiration you work so hard to come home to at night. FURNISH that space with some ATTITUDE.

When I started working in the Design Business about 100 years ago (ok, well not exactly 100 years….) I learned to cultivate spaces for my own business and others that were DEsigned.

I started in design…with some well – out there – people. I came to work in my sweater sets (first afraid)

My starting out look...which I still love but for DIFFERENT reasons...

, slowly added boots (started walking)OK, so I LOVE these boots...I could NEVER have afforded them when I started out...….and finally kicked it up a notch.

My designs went from safe catalog looks to more personal spaces appropriate for clients but that PUSHED just a bit. It got to the point if there wasn’t at least one person telling me I was crazy to try….that I KNEW I was going tooooooo safe.

Is your life, your home….DEsigned or is it, well, cataloged.??

Don’t get me wrong – I am a stickler for finery

I obsess on how buttons pull and are made with our products!

and making sure things work — I am talking about Couture here…BUT…LOOK, really LOOK at Versace! or BALMAIN….if these are strange worlds to you, at least look at them.

The eyes are the lamp of the bod – have a look. The stuff surrounding the visual may not be for you, but the creative component of STYLE is fearless and unapologetic for being alive. Don’t be so beige that you aren’t alive!

LOVED what Bunny says….that you need to really KNOW what has gone before to get it right now…no short cut to great style. SOOOOO if your style is indeed BEIGE. Well, BE BEIGE. But do it because you are cool with it NOT because you are afraid of the other stuff.

Tagging Antiques....it's how Bunny Williams learned

And yes, I still love – love beige sweater sets ;).  It just doesn’t come from a place of fear!

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