Authenticity & Passion Breed Excellence

Just off the Design Bloggers Conference, I have too many take-a-ways to count.

Bright Ideas

Anyone else feel the same way?

My Panic Button Mouse

Bunny….Martyn….Tobi….Jason….John…in excellence and access you are gracious, fun and bring “IT” to the table!

As I honestly alternated between DESPAIR:  too far to go and not enough time in the day to get there….and HOPE:  I KNOW we have an authentic brand in Couture Chateau because I know YOU: the client, the casual design enthusiast, the blog reader, the searcher… are authentic…as there is only one YOU!…..from one presentation to the next, I realized with 20 plus years under my belt, I may not know what SEO really is, but I DO know people are better off for living intentional well designed lives. AND that we help them get there, from one generation to the next.

I grew up with a mother who imparted that. I dine at a table from my Grandmother who had an amazing way of hosting her home and building collections. I have seen what happens when lives are not intentional and excellence isn’t embraced. They fall apart. Slowly. But consistently. And often create a vortex that takes others down with them.

And so as Designers, with short spans of time to influence, care and teach, we do what we can with what we have.

At Couture Chateau, our motto says it all: Live a Custom Life. There is only one YOU.

I believe that with all my soul. Everyone has intrinsic value. Everyone. With intrinsic value, the process of living and embracing the beautiful is LOGICAL.

I will never cure cancer or land on the moon, but if one space designed or one life curated by me and my team brings THAT KNOWLEDGE to someone, then I’ve done my part.

We set our sights HIGH because we believe in EXCELLENCE. Details matter to me. In Design, in life, in communication….they always have and always will. Excellence is revealed in the details.

Fabulous Custom Crewels Inspire Me for their level of DETAIL

Anyone who knows me knows that. In Design I would rather have COUTURE details and true craftsmanship than an abundance of “junk”.

Encouraged by excellence at every turn, stay tuned as we work HARD to build our relationships with you. Please LIKE us on FACEBOOK. Follow us on TWITTER. HELP us Build the BRAND. We want to pursue excellence for YOU!

What I know in my heart:

Passion for Design was bred into my bones.

Passion for Creating Custom and Inspiring Product and Designing Unique Spaces for Fabulous Inspired People (you;) is who I have always been. No trials of life have been able to destroy those parts of my existence.

Come on the JOURNEY with me.


xoxo Ann McDonald

2 thoughts on “Authenticity & Passion Breed Excellence

  1. okay…….well stated–sounds like you are recommitted, and have a stronger vision of who CC is, and where you want it to go……all important in any business…….can’t wait to see what CC has to offer in the coming weeks……….xo, meg

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