Saturday Special

Ask Ann:  I ordered my furniture 3 months ago….what is taking so long?

Answer: Well made furniture takes time. Sometimes, it will only take 8 weeks. Most of the time custom furniture takes 12 to 16 weeks. That does not include a client changing their mind at week 8 ;)!….

I like to break Interior Design into four main categories:

1. Take Out:  Call in or order on line. Have it shipped (delivered) to you. Examples: Overstock, Amazon, Costco

Take Out Menus

2. Restaurant: Go in to store, take it home today. Examples: Home Goods, Costco

Butter, NYC

3. Cooking Class: Go to store or order on line, semi-custom sometimes available. Examples: Macy’s, Ballard Designs, Restoration Hardware. Occasionally we will use some pieces from this approach for Remote Design Packages or when a client is in a temporary living situation.

Cooking Class for Teens in NYC

4. COOKING SCHOOL. WHAT WE DO! Go to France (for our furniture it’s also California & North Carolina), use the best, buy local ingredients, custom make fabric, support fairly compensated and fairly traded practices, be on trend & Eco-Friendly.

Behind the Scenes...we cook (design & build) enjoy the wine!

Cooking with the best ingredients makes a difference

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