Another TREND from our website…ARCHITECTURAL SALVAGE

Why I love this addition to designed spaces…


Patinas on metal

Faded paint, chipped stone, signs of love and use thru the ages

Scale: Often over sized, the addition of a large unique piece, especially when mounted gives visual weight to a space

Old Wood Columns, Fantastic!

Affordable: Often found at salvage yards and other recycle locations, these are some of the most affordable and often have incredible detail that would be impossible to duplicate new for the cost. Check out one of our locals:  Omega Too

Affordable Elegance...not the least expensive but accessible compared to many Designer Fixtures in Trade Showrooms

Unique: Sometimes there are spectacular pieces, panels from The Plaza Hotel in NYC or Columns from historical buildings in San Francisco that are being re-worked. A phone call to local historical societies can often yield information that leads to contractors who have to carefully recycle these storied pieces…we re-purpose them as art. Worthy of a museum like approach in the home. Picture these as the only antique element in a stark contemporary – set against gloss white and marble – exceptional!

Chinese Panels...Fabulous!

These add instant style and have so much more life in them than the copied and mass-produced by product you will find in today’s mass furniture retailers.

I always hunt for the original.

Wayyyy more fun.

Happy Decorating!


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