Trends: FINDS

Today we tackle another item from our old website…FINDS.

Finds….those things that are discarded by others but make our heart sing with possibility…

My first find? An old bentwood chair I found as a child discarded in the garage.

I painted mine white and added a smiling snowman on the seat!

I thought it was beautiful and was convinced I could make a fortune painting chairs like them and selling them. I think I was 6!

My first find as a grown up decorator in my 20’s?

A fabulous mid-century chair, discarded in Beverly Hills…wow…talk about priming the pump…

It was very similar to an alley in Beverly Hills :)!

Why I like finds. They are jewels in the rough. I like them because they remind me that nothing is beyond possibility.

Jewels in the rough...

No matter where you’ve been…no matter what has taken it’s toll on your life…there is always the possibility that someone will find you and see the precious in you…underneath whatever covers the beautiful…I love that sentiment…for people first of course, but those found pieces in my home keep me grounded – they are nuggets of grace in a space spotted with showroom pieces that warm my heart and keep my feet planted squarely on the ground.

Words to live by!

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