Today we begin necessary transition.

Away from the obsolete, toward the relevant.

As many of you know, our web page:, well, is less than.

As I constantly seek the excellent in life and work, this page has been a thorn in my side for three years.

Our resourceful Designer Brian created the site for us on a shoestring and a prayer. He did a fabulous job given what we gave him, so kudos to Brian who worked a miracle with what little we gave him.

A little Couture Chateau History:

Conceived: 1989 (under several non trademarked, non copyrighted names……lesson learned…)

Founded: 1991 (the name and business plan on paper, our first clients actually paying…)

And finally, Incorporated: 2008

When I finally incorporated, this rudimentary site was put up as a place holder. I freely admit my skill set is in Interior Design and Bespoke Product….not….as you will most certainly agree….web design ;)!

As such, over the next two weeks, the elements from our old site will be worked into “On Trend” posts about Design on this Blog.

AND, thankfully, the new website (same address) will post.

Our old site is organized into pages and categories: Home, Trends & Design, Interior Decorating, Furnishings & Fabrics, Contact.

Our new site is simpler, less information, more….well…professional.

As we move to generate the fluid where it belongs: on the Blog, not the Website, we will tackle one of those pages &/or categories.

At the end of these next few weeks, we hope our simpler site married with Twitter, Blog and Facebook Links will keep our enthusiasts engaged. And our Clients proud to be part of the Couture Chateau Family.

Grateful always,


As our motto says: Live a Custom Life. There is only one you.

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