Crunch Day come and gone…did you finish?

Well, for the first time since we started this test blog….we missed two days….hummmmm…..

Designer needs to take her own advice :)!

Our Holiday Crunch Day was December 15th.  What ever we had planned on doing, the goal was to finish on or before that date so the rest of December and New Years Eve was protected for friends and family.

Goal:  87% met.

As we planned for a simple celebration this year, with few but meaningful design elements, I felt fresh and cleansed.

Share with us about your decor this season.  Was it simple? Over the top? Just for the kids?….trust me, I remember well the days when a precocious 3-year-old thought it was fun to pull the tree over. Along about the 4th time, we anchored that puppy to the wall.

Merry Christmas & Happy Weekend :)!


Simple Tree with only 4 elements

Wide Shot of Front Porch Decoration

2 thoughts on “Crunch Day come and gone…did you finish?

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