Holiday Crunch…part 2

As our wind down days approach, the crunch gets tighter. That 15th is looming for me…..

What is that one thing you think you MUST do?

Holiday Wish List

Is it for you or someone else?

Is it a baking project?

Holiday Cookies

A decorating project?

Holiday Lights and Decorating

Another group of friends you must get cards mailed to?

Let us suggest, take one thing you thought you HAD to do for yourself….and try these things instead:

1. Take a walk

Walking Shoes

2. Take an evening walk in a neighborhood that has pretty Christmas Lights

3. Go for a hike

4. Visit a Retirement Home or Convalescent Home where you don’t know anyone

Convalescent Home

5. Sit outside in the cool air and read a Good Book for an hour

See how your Holiday Crunch might seem less well….”crunchy”! And the energy you need to finish that one extra thing for a friend is now right at hand.

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