Project Day Friday

Some of my favorite products used in projects:

Check out the Lacanche French Ranges:

I have two in my home, one used just for baking and the other used every day. They are a fabulous company and have a loyal fan base and following. We love our ranges.


Needlepoint Pillows:

Even in the most contemporary spaces, a fabulous down filled needlepoint pillow adds instant collected age and style. These are not inexpensive, but they get better with age and use. Softer with each nap or curled up pug.

Contemporary Needlepoint Pillow


New, old…it never goes out of style. Use sterling, silver plate or silver leaf products to add glamour and reflection, especially in smaller spaces.

Silver Pitcher

Gold and Brass:

Yup, brass is back. For me and my long time NYC clients….it never left. Brass is still the main stay in those Paris Salons and European Estates. I love how it presents age and stability with ease.  Check out these monogrammed door handles we used in our home. I absolutely love them. They are tempermental – they require constant polish and tightening but that is part of the process for me. Not for everyone, but for some…the peice de resistance!Monogrammed Crystal on Brass

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