Holiday Pressures Part “1”

One of the best pieces of advice I received when putting together my Home for the Holidays, was to not bow to pressure.

Don’t bow to the pressure of creating a look that belongs to someone else.

Let me share an example.

We live in the US (& Canada for my dear relatives & friends) where we are abundantly blessed. Sometimes these blessings come with traditions and expectations that are neither beneficial to us or edifying to us. If our spaces are stressing us out because we aren’t conforming to a particular style or look, we need to clear our heads and reset to zero.

There is NO one way to live. Some of the most fabulous spaces and inspired people have come from nothing. STYLE has nothing to do with money, exclusivity or access. STYLE and comfort both in one’s person and space or life has to do with what is on the inside.

I always tell clients that if you aren’t clean on the inside, your house will never be clean or in order on the outside. How we live is a manifestation of what is going on inside.

We have often left spaces staged and complete only to come back months later for a visit and the client has introduced chaos. After some laughs, we get down to the serious business of TEACHING how to live from the inside out. It is a way of looking at your design as a reflection of WHO you are, not as a mirror of some glossy catalog or lifestyle magazine.

We will address some of these steps tomorrow.

First piece of practical advice on this:  take one box of unopened or unused holiday decorations and put it away. Don’t use it. Have a cup of tea and walk away. go for a walk (not shopping silly). Read an inspirational Holiday Book. Breathe in the cool crisp air.

More on this tomorrow. For today, you have a Decorators Permission to use less, and live more.

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