Friday is Project Day

Last week we shared some photos of a flooded out cabin. Ours. Yikes.

When the pipe burst and the cabin fell apart, my first reaction was, no problem. Got it. 2 weeks: my SUPPLIERS in the door, my TEAM will get it done. WRONG.

Truth is, unless we approach the PROJECT like a PROFESSIONAL, it just doesn’t happen.

No MATTER the size, scale, budget, location….every project – if it warrants any of our time, deserves the professional treatment.

We “reset to zero” (I reset to zero).

  • Inspiration Board was made

    Distressed Red Cabinets with new Floor Detail

    Nothing like a skiing moose to set the mood

  • Budget was addressed honestly
  • Floor Plans were re-drawn
  • Story Board was completed

    The only thing that wasn't damaged when the pipe burst!

    Hudson Bay Blanket

  • New ideas and goals for rooms addressed
  • Rooms were adjusted, some walls were moved
  • Seasonal Storage was dealt with
  • Recycled and Re Purposed Furniture was used everywhere we could
  • Electrical Issues Dealt With
  • Heating Issues Dealt With
  • Roofing Issues Dealt With
  • Budget issues

Here’s the truth. This takes TIME. This takes FOCUS. And we can’t do it alone. As much as we’d like to think we can, we can’t.

Think about a project that YOU have. It can be small or large, inexpensive or a real financial commitment. No matter which, it will be better executed and you will be more at peace if you follow the steps above.

Give yourself permission to take your time and do it right. Don’t apologize for this process. It takes a TEAM of PROFESSIONALS at least a year to get those jobs done in the magazines. Believe me, I know.

We will continue to update progress as we get some. Have a great weekend!

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