More Tips & Tricks

1. When you set about to prepare your home for the Holidays, set an “End Game”

What do I mean?

Mark the day on your calendar when you will NO longer purchase, add to, decorate, bake or do ANYTHING other than enjoy what you have prepared around you and the PEOPLE around you.


I learned this the hard way. There was always one more thing to decorate, buy, add to….one more ornament….one more card to send…

This is absolutely the best advice I have ever gotten as a mother, decorator, designer, Christmas and Holiday lover.

My date is December 15th.

It is marked in RED.

What is your date??

2. Keep the December “thank you list” in your kitchen’s “command central” where EVERYONE in the family can add to it each day.

Printable Thank You List Tracker

We get so many gifts, presents, thoughtful notes from friends and family throughout the Holidays that we’d often forget something in January that needed a Thank You Note

IT can be a simple chalk board, list….anything. Just train your children young and they will get in the habit of writing those gifts down so those notes don’t get forgotten and incur the wrath of a properly correct Grandmother & Grandfather :)!

3. Always have a box or bowl filled with wrapped hostess gifts for friends who stop by.

How to make wax dipped pine cones

I can’t remember how early I learned this….it was just one of those logical things.

They do not have to be expensive, one year, we made wax dipped scented pine cones and wrapped them in cellophane. With a lovely “From” tag from “Mac Mountain Lodge” our casual cabin, they had been gathered from the yard and lovingly made in Lake Tahoe.

Once the Holiday Season is over, if the gifts are not something you can donate, recycle them.

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