My Favorite Centerpieces: you might be surprised!

As we discussed yesterday, SHARING is an integral part of Thanksgiving.

Sometimes that sharing includes our Table Settings, Linens, helpful hands.

Fresh Cut Lemons

Sometimes it includes cuttings from our garden for a free centerpiece.

From the blog: Tamryn Kirby; Image: Inspired by This

Sometimes it includes our voice.

One of my FAVORITE centerpieces for a table is a STACK OF BOOKS.

Stacked Books. Not perfect, but loved & read.

Old and New Books as Centerpieces

I like to eat in the Dining Room every morning. Why? Because it sets the tone for the day. It marks the day as significant. You have to plan and not rush. With children this isn’t easy. However, it is a bit of civilization in my world of boys turning into men. Truth is, all hell usually breaks forth after, but for a brief 10-20 minutes, it’s calm….sort of…

Our STANDARD Centerpiece isn’t some expensive bowl. It is a stack of books. Devotionals, Inspirational, Classics, Funny Quirky Books that make you think, laugh or cry. They get used, moved, stacked imperfectly & read aloud.

We SHARE our voices over breakfast as we READ a snippet to each other and take time to TEACH and LEARN alongside one another.

I especially love this idea for THANKSGIVING. Put a stack of Books you LOVE in the middle of the table. Take turns reading to each other. Think about it, when was the last time someone read out loud to you, as an adult, in a personal setting. It is delightful. It calms the spirit, slows the heartbeat and brings us to the personal level we all so desperately crave in our fast paced, media centered lives.


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