Week 3

We shared some of our inspiration (yes….Ikea Hacker), favorite sources (Temp Paper) & Designers (Charlotte Moss).

As we work into week 4, we will share inspiration from our trip to the Mid West and South.

Stay tuned also for upcoming Teach, Trend and Encourage Workshops for 2012. Small groups, hands on learning and fun with Design.

Have a great weekend!

Three more of our “go to” spots….shhhh…..

Dusty, sometimes dirty, but in the throws of a re-vamp, this has always been a go to spot for us. We have found SERIOUS pieces here, priced right, that have ended up in the highest of the high on 1st Dibs….so if you are in SF, and not wearing black (think dust), head here. We LOVE the owners. We LOVE the hunt.


Yup, everybody’s FAVORITE, but still worth the peruse time. Especially to see what is selling!


My go to spot for great building materials. We have made some FABULOUS things from their wine sticks!




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