Week 2…Thank you again

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support thru our second week.

Suggestions for this blog have included:

  • A Monthly Features Section/Side Bar
  • Design Tips for Do-it-yourself Projects

    Do it yourself restoration & repair on Antique Dresser

  • Designer’s Secret Section – behind the scenes in real time settings
  • Current Projects in Process

    Project in Process

  • What does it REALLY cost (we love this one)
  • Ask Ann (& don’t get charged for the phone call – funny one — ok….:)!

    Come on in and 'Ask Ann"

  • Upcoming Events (think the SF Antique Show this past week)
  • Skype or Live Chats about projects
  • Short video vignettes
  • and the list goes on…….
We are truly grateful for your feedback.
And for those of you we haven’t heard from, holler. You may send a confidential private email to Ann at mcdonald.ann@comcast.net
or reach her at the office at Ann@Couturechateau.com
Next week, Ann will be in the mid-west. Be sure to follow us for some fun stuff from the heartland!
Your Friends – the Team at Couture Chateau

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